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Have you tried live bait fishing recently? If you haven’t, you should. It’s one of the best ways to go fishing and catch something. There is a reason why many NYC visitors make it out to Montauk, NY several times over the year and that reason may very well be the great Montauk live bait fishing to be done here.

At Fisherman II we offer visitors and residents alike a chance to go live bait fishing with our charter fishing. Our prices are some of the best in town and we are sure that you’ll get your money’s worth on a live bait fishing trip with us.

Live bait fishing can be much more successful than using store bought plastic or rubber bait as it draws the attention of the bigger fish that you are trying to catch. At Fisherman II we keep the bait fresh and only use bait that we know is health approved.

We encourage live bait fishing to many of our customers due to it being one of the best ways to catch the amount of fish that you want to. We know that although you may be on a fishing trip just for the fun of it, that you also want to bring back something to prove that “you’re a real fisherman” or if you already are, then we all know that catching as many fish as you can is what you’re after.

You can trust that you will have a safe and pleasant live bait fishing trip with us at Fisherman II. We’ll watch out for the things that concern your safety and fishing, while you sit back and enjoy the good old fun of live bait fishing. Schedule a trip with us today. You won’t be disappointed!

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