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Are you the kind of person who grew up fishing with dad or friends and enjoy it as one of your favorite pastimes? Perhaps the idea of fishing is brand new to you. Whatever type of person you are, fishing in Montauk, NY is an amazing experience; for both new and seasoned fishermen.

Fisherman II encourages those who visit our lovely city to try out our fishing. We believe that we offer the best when it comes to fishing and we make it so easy for every one of our clients, by supplying you with the equipment, baits, ice, crew and boat.

Fisherman II offers fair rates on all of our fishing trips, whether inshore or offshore, which makes it easy for those visiting to be able to partake of the fish that can be found in this area of New York.

If you want to go fishing on your own or reserve a boat for up to six passengers, we are happy to have you on board our beautiful boat to explore the waters of Montauk and enjoy the seasonal fishing that can be done here.

You can expect to catch a variety of fish when you come fishing including fluke, blackfish, tuna, bass, and flounders, as well as sharks, depending on the time and season that we go fishing. Be prepared for the big fish before leaving and know that it will be an experience worth bringing a camera for.

Remember the old days of fishing with your grandpa or live a new experience with Fisherman II. Call today to make a reservation for an upcoming fishing trip today!

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